Dark Tea

(or Post-Fermented Tea/Pu-erh Tea)

Pu-erh is a fermented tea traditionally produced in Yunnan Province, China. Often confused with Black Tea, the two brews couldn’t be more different despite similar colorings. This discrepancy is mainly due to Dark Tea’s unique darkening process including microbial fermentation.

Visual profile

As the name suggests, Dark Teas are among the most starkly colored blends that give rise to comparisons with weathered, oaky woods. However, as a general rule, they tend to be less dark in color than black teas.


Flavors reminiscent of mushrooms, earthy herbs, leather, hay. Some brews appear bitter, floral, mellow and even somewhat sour. Interestingly, some people take their Dark Tea tasteless.


A deep, sumptuous body with plenty of depth to be found in its aromatic profiles. An earthy, woodsy scent, sometimes likened to a damp forest after the rain. 


  • Sheng Cha (raw tea)
  • Shou Cha (ripe tea). 

Both begin as Mao Cha (rough tea), a lightly oxidized “large-leaf” green tea.

The health benefits of Dark Tea

Dark tea is noted for its ability to boost energy levels if consumed regularly. Moreover, Dark Tea drinkers speak of the brew’s incredible anti-stress effects paired with its talent for ridding the body of free radicles while promoting bone health.

How to serve Dark Tea 

It’s recommended to enjoy Dark Tea solo, but many pair it with lemon or milk.

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